Chapter 1 – Governance and Organization

1.30.02 Officers

Nomination Process
The Board of Trustees shall form a nominating committee whose role is to nominate the board chairperson and board vice-chairperson annually.  The Nominating Committee shall additionally serve as the Board representatives on any committee or body designated to recruit for the position ‘chancellor’ at any time a vacancy occurs in that position.
Structure of Nominating Committee
The chair of the nominating committee shall be the immediate past chair for the Board of Trustees. 
A second Board member, other than the current chair, shall be named by the nominating committee chair. 
The chancellor for Spokane Community Colleges shall serve as an ex-officio member of the nominating committee.
In the event the immediate past chair leaves the Board of Trustees, the second-named committee member shall serve as the chair of the nominating committee until such time as a new Board chair is named and the immediate past chair becomes eligible to serve as committee chair.  Upon assuming the role of committee chair, the second member of the committee will be appointed by the chair.
Officer Candidates
The nominating committee shall inform officer candidates of their selection prior to the November Board meeting annually.  The slate shall be presented at the November meeting and be voted upon at that meeting.  In the event either nominee is not elected, the nomination process shall be reinitiated by the nominating committee and a new slate for the open position(s) presented at the December meeting.
Officer Duties
The board chairperson, in addition to any duties imposed by rules and regulations of the state board, shall preside at each regular or special meeting of the board, sign all legal and official documents recording actions of the board, and review the agenda prepared for each meeting of the board. The chairperson shall, while presiding at official meetings, have full right of discussion and vote.

The board vice-chairperson shall act as chairperson of the board in the absence of the chairperson.

The chancellor of Community Colleges of Spokane shall serve as secretary of the Board of Trustees as specified by RCW 28B.50.130. The secretary of the board shall serve as chairperson, without the privilege to vote, in any official meeting of the board conducted in the absence of the chairperson and vice-chairperson.

In addition to any duties imposed by the rules and regulations of the state board, the secretary shall keep the official actions of the board. The secretary may appoint an appropriate district staff member to act as recording secretary for all regular and special meetings of the board.

The secretary shall also be responsible for board correspondence, compiling the agenda of meetings, and distributing the minutes of the meetings and related reports.

The secretary, or a regular district staff member whom the secretary shall designate, must attend all regular and special meetings of the board, and official minutes must be kept of all such meetings.

Officer Terms
The appointment of the two board offices, chair and vice-chair, shall be for a one-year term and commence on January 1, of each year.  The chair shall not serve more than two successive terms.  There is no requirement to nominate the vice-chair to serve as board chair.    
[Adopted 4/19/05; effective 1/1/06; formerly 1.30.01(2); Amended 10/15/13; Amended 12/20/16]