Chapter 2 – Human Resources

2.10.06 General Ethics for Employees and Officers

It shall be the policy of Community Colleges of Spokane that no employees or officers of this district, including student employees, may have a financial interest or engage in any activity that is in conflict with the proper discharge of the employee’s or officer’s official duties. Furthermore, no district employee or officer may use his/her official position to secure special privileges for himself/herself or any other person, and no district employee or officer may receive compensation from any person or entity except the State of Washington for performing his or her official duties. The statutory requirements of chapter 42.52 RCW, as well as rules and advisory opinions adopted by the state Executive Ethics Board, shall apply to all district employees and officers.

Off-duty activities that are a conflict of interest under chapter 42.52 RCW, are detrimental to the employee’s work performance or district programs, or otherwise constitute violation of this policy may be cause for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Employees will report all arrests and any court-imposed sanctions or conditions that affect their ability to perform assigned duties to their appointing authority within 24 hours or prior to their scheduled work shift, whichever occurs first.

Community Colleges of Spokane, as a steward of the public trust and consistent with its obligations under chapter 42.40 RCW (State Employee Whistleblower Protection), will protect any employee who has reported improper governmental action from retaliation.

[Adopted 03/19/96; Amended 06/17/03; Amended 06/21/05; effective 07/01/05]

2.10.06 Administrative Procedures  

  1. General Ethics for Employees & Officers 
    1. Ethics Brochure
  2. Receipt of Door Prizes