Chapter 5 – Business and Finance

5.50.04 Criteria for Sales to Students, Faculty, Staff and Invited Guests

The following criteria shall be considered in providing goods, services or facilities to students, faculty, staff and invited guests:

  1. The goods, services, or facilities are substantially and directly related to the District educational and public service mission.
  2. The provision of goods, services, or facilities represents a special convenience to and supports the campus community or facilitates extracurricular and student life activities or facilitates public service activities.
  3. Fees charged for the goods, services, or facilities shall take into account the full direct and indirect costs, including overhead.
  4. Procedures are developed to insure that the goods, services, or facilities are provided only to students, faculty, staff, and invited guests.

[Adopted 12/15/87; Amended 11/15/05; effective 01/01/06]