Chapter 1 – Governance and Organization

1.50.03 College Administration
1.    Each college president shall be responsible for the administration of his/her individual college and represent the Chancellor within the college.
2.    Each college administration, under the direction of its college president, shall be responsible for planning, management and evaluation of all their institution’s operations, thereby developing the uniqueness and strengths of each institution within their respective missions. As such, each administration shall:
a.    Provide the operation and management of the programs, personnel and facilities of the individual institution under district policies and procedures;
b.    Administer all approved instructional courses and programs offered by the institution;
c.    Provide for student service programs, including admissions, registration, transcripts, counseling, student activities, financial aid, placement and other programs to support students;
d.    Develop procedures to implement district rules, policies, agreements, and procedures;
e.    Administer the expenditure of funds in accordance with approved budgets and expenditure guidelines;
f.     Develop planning systems consistent with district goals and objectives.
[Adopted 05/19/74; Amended 09/20/78; Amended 09/13/83; Amended 01/18/00; Amended 04/19/05; effective 01/01/06; Amended 10/15/13]