Chapter 7 – Miscellaneous

7.50.10 Copyright - Definitions

For the purposes of the sections 7.50.10 through 7.50.14 the following words shall mean:

  1. "Creative Work" or "Work" shall include the original, intellectual, literary or artistic creations including, but not limited to books, manuals, texts, lectures, addresses, study guides, plays, poems, music, pictures, photographs, films, film strips, slides, tapes, records, program units, computer software, and other instructional materials and products. "Creative Work" or "Work" shall not include articles submitted to or published in scholarly and professional journals or class notes produced in connection with regularly scheduled courses of instruction.
  2. "Creator" shall mean any employee, group of employees, registered student or groups of registered students, or any combination thereof which authors or produces a creative work.
  3. "District" shall mean Washington State Community College District 17.

[Adopted 12/20/05; effective 01/01/06; formerly 2.70.01]