Public Records Requests Procedures

Information is requested on a Public Records Request form or via e-mail.  Subpoenas and other official legal documents requesting public information are acceptable as well.  All requests will be considered according to Title 42.56 RCW, Public Records Act, and WAC-132Q-276.

Within five business days of receiving a public records request, the public records officer will either:

  1. Provide the record;
  2. Acknowledge the request and give an estimated reasonable time the district will need to provide the record;
  3. Request further information to clarify the request; or,
  4. Deny the request.

No fee will be charged for the inspection of public records.  Examination of public records will occur by appointment at the office of the public records officer during normal business hours.

The fee for copies of public records is 15 cents per page.  The fee to scan public records and provide them on a CD/DVD is $29.68 per hour, plus the cost of the CD/DVD.  If applicable, postage fees are also charged.  Copies will be made on the district's copy equipment by an authorized staff member.

Full payment is required prior to release of the records.  Only exact change or checks made payable to Community Colleges of Spokane will be accepted.

If the request is denied, the requestor may appeal the decision by submitting a written request for appeal to the public records officer.  The written request must specifically refer to the written statement by the public records officer that accompanied the denial. 

The public records officer will refer the written request for appeal to the chancellor or designee.  The chancellor or designee will immediately consider the matter, may consult with the office of the attorney general, and either affirm or reverse the denial.  The request will be returned with a final decision within two business days following the filing of the written request for review.  If the review affirms the denial of access to a public record, the requestor has a right to seek a written opinion from the office of the attorney general.  The requestor also has a right to obtain a court review of the denial of a public records request. 

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